Laser light cable for industrial ultrafast lasers LLK-UKP

  • Packaging of the fiber to build a laser light cable
  • Connectors
  • Conduit
  • Fiber continuity monitoring


Length of cable including connectors 2, 3, 5, 10 m *
Fiber Micro structured hollow core fiber

Optical Parameters

Beam parameter acceptance Single mode laser beam
Mode field diameter 40 µm (IR), 25 µm (green),  *
Max. average laser power 500 W **
Max. pulse energy 500 µJ **
Wavelength 900 - 1100 nm (IR), 500 - 550 nm (green)
Typical transmission 93% +/- 3% / 5 m length
GVD parameter +/- 3 ps / (nm*km) ***

Connector laser side optics side

Optical pre-alignment PT-F (Photonic Tools flange design), others on request
Cooling Can be actively water-cooled
Max. gas pressure 5 bar

Monitoring and electrical interface

Breakage, plug-in and temperature monitoring for
interfacing to continuity monitoring
PT-F standard
Relative temperature and stray light indicators (optional) On request
Data logging On request

Protective conduit

Suitable for dynamic movements on robot or gantry system in a cable management system  
Bending radius > 250 mm


Connector receptacles | Single mode beam launching system | Collimation modules | Processing heads  

*others on request, **subject to coupling conditions, ***air filled micro structure
All data subject to change without prior notice

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