MPH Laser Processing Head

Modular laser processing head for multi kilowatt applications MPH

The growing diversity of the high power laser applications calls for a flexible laser processing head which can not only be easily configured but also fullfills the stringent requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry in terms of reliability and machine interfacing. This is what the MPH is designed for:

  • A simple optical system which is efficient, can be flexibly configured flexible and is suitable for lasers up to 20 kW laser power
  • Specifically designed sensors monitor the status of all critical optical elements und functional components. The head communicates by EtherCAT (or other fieldbus adapters) with the user via the process machine.
  • The processing head`s revolutionary (however) conservative design enables field repair and service even of the optical modules. The advantage to the customer is a drastically reduced spares holding cost and a very short MTTR. 


Total magnification M = Mcol * Mfoc
Collimation modules magnification / focal length 1,0 / 200mm, 1,33 / 150mm, 1,5 / 133mm, 2,0 / 100 mm, 1,44-4,0 / 150 - 50 mm
Focusing modules magnification / focal length 1,0 (200), 1,5 (300 ), 2,0 (400), 3,0 (600), 6,0 (1200)
Axial focus movement range (only MZ collimation) 30mm * Mfoc
 Beam parameter acceptance  125 / 200 mrad
Transmission wavelength range 1000 - 1100 nm, 900 - 1100 nm
Fiber core diameter 20 - 1500 µm
Max. laser power  20 kW

Mechanical Data

Dimensions approx. 500 x 120 x 20 mm, depending on configuration
Weight  approx. 5 - 10 kg, depending on configuration
Laser light cable LLK-B, LLK-D, PT-B, PT-D, PT-F, PT-Q, QBH


Power supply 24 V DC, 2A
Communication  EtherCAT, *


Coolant temperature 20 - 35°C, non condensing
Flow rate 2l / min


Operating conditions 5 - 50 °C
Shipment and storage -25 - 70 °C.    


Camera viewing,illumination focus forming, crossjet module, shielding gas mdule, etc.  

*others on request
All data subject to change without prior notice

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